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Why Coronavirus survival rates are better in Leicester
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Why Coronavirus survival rates are better in Leicester

Why Coronavirus survival rates are better in Leicester than elsewhere in the country

Outcomes for coronavirus patients who are treated at Leicester's hospitals have been "significantly better" than elsewhere in the country.

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (UHL) has been ranked in the top three trusts when considering clinical outcomes for coronavirus patients.

Now, national NHS bosses want doctors in Leicester to share their tips with other hospitals.

Leicester has been in the news for months now for all of the wrong reasons with the extended local lockdown so this is welcome good news. There are 147 trusts in the country and Leicester is in the top three, that is something to be celebrated. It’s testimony to the hard work of all involved but particularly our front line staff.

Mark Wightman, Director of Strategy, UHL

Speaking at a board meeting yesterday (3rd September), Medical director, Andrew Furlong, said that UHL was one of three trusts nationally where outcomes were “significantly better”.

New data also suggests that patients are not catching coronavirus in Leicester’s hospitals. The claim was made as bosses heard that the number of inpatients with coronavirus in the Leicester Royal Infirmary, Glenfield and General hospitals continues to remain stable.

When testing patients who have been in our hospitals for seven days, our rates are significantly lower than a lot of other trusts. That would suggest that people aren’t catching coronavirus in our hospitals.

Andrew Furlong, Medical Director, UHL

Mr Furlong said he believes the trust’s decision to introduce PPE before the Government made it mandatory is a contributing factor as well as its commitment to ensure staff have access to the appropriate protective gear.

He said: “We introduced PPE before the national guidance. PPE protects not only staff but also patients.”

The trust’s acting Chief Executive, Rebecca Brown, said that the number of inpatients who have tested positive for Covid-19 is between 10 and 12 most days - a significant drop from that recorded at the height of the pandemic, when the number of patients with coronavirus in Leicester’s hospitals reached 200 on some days.

Upwards of 55 patients a day were in the hospitals’ intensive care beds when the local spike was in full swing in mid-April.


Coronavirus cases are being monitored at all hospitals, particularly Glenfield HospitalCredit: PA


...numbers have come down because rates and positivity in the community are dropping and the trust’s position regarding Covid remains relatively stable. That said we are keeping a very, very close eye on this across all sites but particularly at the Glenfield Hospital to ensure we are looking out for and aware of any increases.

Rebecca Brown, acting Chief Executive, UHL


Since the beginning of the pandemic, 440 patients have died at Leicester’s hospitals after testing positive for Covid-19.

source: https://www.itv.com/news/central/2020-09-04/why-coronavirus-survival-rates-are-better-in-leicester-than-elsewhere-in-the-country